Bike Growers Summer Camp

Our first summer camp session of Bike Growers finished on Friday, June 22nd. Seven kids ages 6 to 10 spent five days and a total of ~25ish hours learning bicycle maintenance skills and most aspects of what it takes to build a bike. We spent another five hours riding around πŸš΄πŸΌβ€ πŸš΄πŸ½β€ enjoying Missoula’s parks. These kiddos mastered flat tire repair, breaking chains, adjusting brakes, cleaning & re-greasing bearings, and more. Their problem solving skills, positive attitudes, and love for bikes left me super impressed. Despite the rainy week we had I never heard one complaint during our group rides. By the end of camp we refurbished five bikes to be donated to kids on the Flathead Reservation via the Medicine Wheel Bicycle Mobile project. We also did more minor repairs on at least five other bikes. Throughout the camp our group focused on topics of reusing and recycling, accessible bicycles, civic engagement, and environmental stewardship-as well as focusing on Missoula International Schools' values of cooperation, connection, and creativity. Thanks to MIS for helping organize the logistics of this camp. -Lead Instructor, Emily Jensen